About me

Andrea HarrisMy name is Andrea Harris and I am an Austrian living in Toronto. A few years ago I came to Canada as an expatriate working for the same company I used to work for at home. I fell in love but my time in Canada was limited to 12 months. After one year of a long distance relationship across an ocean I decided to come back. So here I am now, a passionate skier living in an area with absolutely no mountains.

After a while I realized that many things that were normal for Canadians were not normal for me. They were different than I was used to. This blog is about how I see Canada as someone who was brought up in Vienna. It’s about the experiences I’ve had that made me wonder because I grew up with a different concept.

I used to work in Corporate Communications for many years and wrote articles, newsletters, speaking notes and so on. This personal blog is a new writing experience for me. I hope you will enjoy reading.